Dynamons 5

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A brand new Dynamons adventure is waiting for you: the studio that created Dynamons 4 and Dynamons World now brings you Dynamons 5! The game includes four worlds and plenty of spots to explore. Discover the Water Temple, Fire Temple, Electric Temple and the perilous and mysterious Legendary Cave. Collect cute, strong and mystical Dynamons as you traverse the colorful fantasy world!

You’ll start with a small team, but throughout the game you can collect new creatures and customize your squad!

The game’s main gameplay consists of riveting turn-based battles. Use the action cards to attack, and catch the opposing creature when it’s weakened. By selecting the backpack during battle, you can access any special items you have gathered. Use shards to level up your Dynamons, and to gain new action cards. Challenge other trainers and become the strongest Dynamon Captain!

You can play the game using touchscreen controls or your mouse.